Local public transport in Poznań

Public transport in the city of Poznań is organized by Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (ZTM) - Urban Transport Authority. ZTM is responsible for determining the communication lines, location of stops, distribution of tickets, ticket inspection and promotion.

Network managed by ZTM is limited to the area of Poznań city, with a few lines exceeding city boundaries. Services for ZTM provide 4 operators, including the biggest - MPK w Poznaniu Sp. z o. o. (Urban Transport Company in Poznań). ZTM tickets are valid only on the lines managed by ZTM. Other bus lines, as well as railway services, do not belong to the transport system managed by ZTM and require separate tickets.

The public transport system in Poznań consists of tram and bus network.


Tram network

Tram network plays an important role in the public transport system. The city policy assumes that the city center is operated only by trams. Car access to certain streets is restricted. There is 19 normal tram lines (numbered 1-26) and one night tram line (N21).


Tram on line 16 to Os. Lecha




Bus network

Bus fleet consists of over 300 vehicles and is one of the most modern in Poland. All vehicles are low-floored, many are air-conditioned and monitored.


There is 52 normal bus lines (numbered 45-98), 1 express bus lines (L), 23 suburban lines (numbered 511, 512, 527, 602, 603, 610, 611, 614, 616, 651, 701, 702, 703, 710, 716, 718, 719, 901, 902, 904, 905, 907, 911) and 21 night bus lines (numbered 231-252).


Bus on line 69 to Os. Kopernika


How to use public transport in Poznań?


Poznań's public transport with its network, timetables and tariff is unique in Poland. Trams are the core of the system - most of lines have a frequency of 10 minutes. Bus lines play a complementary role to the tram network. This solution encourage passengers to transfers, offering them, instead of low frequency direct connections, high frequency connections with transfers. Thus the network is less extensive and complicated to passengers.
Short-term and long-term tickets enable unlimited transfers, but what about occasional travels? Poznań was the first Polish city which introduced time tickets. They are essential in the system, because time ticket's holder after validating it, is able to travel all the time specified on the ticket, using different bus or tram lines within the ZTM network. Single-ride tickets are valid only in the vehicle they were validated at. Because of the transfer-based system, time tickets are relatively cheaper than single-ride tickets.


Before getting on board, you have to buy a ticket. Tickets are sold in kiosks, shops, supermarkets and ZTM Customer Service Points. There are also 50 ticket machines located in main stops.

There are 5 types of tickets:
- time tickets - are valid in buses and trams for the time that is specified on the ticket,
- single-ride tickets - are valid only in buses for the number of stops that is specified on ticket (up to 10 or more than 10),
- short-time tickets - 24h, 48h, 72h or 7 days - enable unlimited travelling all services during specified time,
- short-time group tickets - 24h, 48h or 72h - enable unlimited travelling all services during specified time for up to 5 persons including max two adults,
- long-time tickets - 30 days and more - enable unlimited travelling all services during specified time; tickets can by only loaded onto an electronic ticket card called KOMKarta.

Ticked prices are determined by the type of the ticked and tariff zone, where ticket is valid. There are 3 tariff zones.

After boarding passengers are obligated to validate their tickets in the validating machine, immediately after vehicle starts running (does not apply to long-time tickets on ticket cards). The ticket is valid for a specified time. After exceeding that time passengers must validate another ticket.
NOTICE: Real time of the ride is counted (not schedule time).


Validating machines