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Public transport in Poznań

Public transport in the city of Poznań is organized by Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (ZTM) - Urban Transport Authority. Trams are the core of the system, bus lines are complementary to the tram network. This solution encourage passengers to change lines, offering high frequency connections with changes, instead of low frequency direct connections. It also makes the network less extensive and complicated to passengers.


Services for ZTM are provided by a few different companies. The biggest one is MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o. (Urban Transport Company in Poznań). The public transport system in Poznań consists of: tram and bus lines. ZTM tickets are vaild only on the lines managed by ZTM.  They are marked by this sign:

ztm 1 netztm bus net


The network

Tram network plays an important role in the public transport system. Possible numbers of the lines:

  • 0: tourist tram line
  • 1-39: day tram lines
  • 40-99: additional tram lines - special or temporary (in case of road or rail works and changes in a network)
  • 100: tourist bus line
  • 101-109: additional bus lines - special or temporary (in case of road or rail works and changes in a network)
  • 110-129: minibus lines
  • 130-199: day bus lines
  • 200-209: night tram lines
  • 210-299: night bus lines (including suburban)
  • TXX: bus lines "instead of a tram" (in case of rail works)
  • 3XX-9XX: suburban lines

map with numbers for suburban lines of ZTM Poznan transportation system

Click and check maps of transportation network, trajectory of every line


tPurse on the PEKA Card:  fare depends on the number of stops travelled - the first stop costs 0.72 zl. If the total cost of journeys made during one day exceeds the value of a 24-hour ticket (15 zł for A Zone - the standard price), no more funds will be taken from the tPurse – until the end of the day. When a passenger uses the tPurse to pay for the journey and changes the line numer within 20 minutes (the time is counted from a moment the passenger puts the PEKA Card to a card reader in the vehicle passenger gets out and another vehicle the passenger gets in), the fare for the stops travelled is counted as for one journey. It means that the fare is not counted as if it was for the first stop but if it was the next stop. The maximum number of changes allowed during one journey is 3. Remember to put the PEKA Card to the card-reader every time when you get on and get off the vehicles!

time tickets: up to 15 minutes (4 zł), up to 45 minutes (6 zł) or up to 90 minutes (8 zł): entitle to an unlimited number of journeys in a period not longer than 15, 45 or 90 minutes since it was validated, with as many changes of lines as necessary. This is a bearer ticket.

short-term tickets: entitle to many journeys within a specified number of hours or days from its validation, with an unlimited number of changes made during its validity period. Short-term tickets include the following types: 24-hour (1 day) ticket for A zone which costs 15 zł or for A+B+C+D zone which costs 20 zł, 7-days ticket for A Zone which costs 50 zł or 7-days ticket for A+B+C+D Zone which costs 80 zł.

season tickets: can be bought only on the PEKA Card and are valid in any chosen area (look below at tariff zones) and for the selected number of days – from 14 to 366 (network tickets) and from 14 to 90 days (route ticket). Using a season ticket, the passenger doesn’t have to put PEKA Card to the card-reader when enters and exits the tram or bus.

PLEASE NOTE! Passengers who are 70 years old (and over) have the right to go on the ZTM lines for free.
                         Children until September the 30th of the year in which they are 7 years old have the right to go on the ZTM lines for free   

Ticket promotions

  • a 24-hour ticket validated between 8:00 p.m. or later on Friday and midnight on Saturday entitles a passenger to travel up to midnight on Sunday
  • 2 validated 24-hour tickets (normal price) entitle to ride on ZTM lines by 2 adults and up to 3 children (not older than 15-years old)
  • purchasers of personal season tickets (standard price) can travel with up to 3 children (not older than 15-years old) free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays on the regular lines within the borders of the tariff zone applying to their season ticket

Tariff zones

Agglomeration of Poznań is divided into 4 tariff zones:

mapa stref taryfowych ZTM Poznan od 1 sierpnia 2019

  • Zone A – covering the area of Poznań,
  • Zone B – covering areas of the following towns and villages: Babki (gm. Mosina); Baranowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Biedrusko (gm. Suchy Las); Bogucin (gm. Swarzędz); Borówiec (gm. Kórnik); Bylin (gm. Kleszczewo); Bytkowo (gm. Rokietnica); Cerekwica (gm. Rokietnica); Chyby (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Czapury (gm. Mosina); Czerwonak (gm. Czerwonak); Dachowa (gm. Kórnik); Dalekie (gm. Rokietnica); Daszewice (gm. Mosina); Gądki (gm. Kórnik); Gowarzewo (gm. Kleszczewo); Janikowo (gm. Swarzędz); Jaryszki (gm. Kórnik); Jelonek (gm. Suchy Las); Kamionki (gm. Kórnik); Kicin (gm. Czerwonak); Kiekrz (gm. Rokietnica); Kleszczewo (gm. Kleszczewo); Kobylniki (gm. Rokietnica); Komorniki (gm. Kleszczewo); Komorniki (gm. Komorniki); Koninko (gm. Kórnik); Koziegłowy (gm. Czerwonak); Krzyszkowo (gm. Rokietnica); Luboń (miasto Luboń); Łęczyca (gm. Komorniki); Mrowino (gm. Rokietnica); Nagradowice (gm. Kleszczewo); Napachanie (gm. Rokietnica); Pawłowice (gm. Rokietnica); Plewiska (gm. Komorniki); Poznań-Wielkie (miasto Poznań); Przeźmierowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Przybroda (gm. Rokietnica); Robakowo (gm. Kórnik); Rokietnica (gm. Rokietnica); Rogierówko (gm. Rokietnica); Rostworowo (gm. Rokietnica); Skórzewo (gm. Dopiewo); Sobota (gm. Rokietnica); Starzyny (gm. Rokietnica); Suchy Las (gm. Suchy Las); Swadzim (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Swarzędz (gm. Swarzędz); Szczytniki (gm. Kórnik); Szewce (gm. Kleszczewo); Tanibórz (gm. Kleszczewo); Trzek (gm. Kostrzyn); Tulce (gm. Kleszczewo); Wiórek (gm. Mosina); Wiry (gm. Komorniki); Wysogotowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Zalasewo (gm. Swarzędz); Złotkowo (gm. Suchy Las); Złotniki (gm. Suchy Las); Żerniki (gm. Kórnik); Żydowo (gm. Rokietnica)
  • Zone C – covering areas of the following towns and villages: Annowo (gm. Czerwonak); Batorowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Biernatki (gm. Kórnik); Błażejewko (gm. Kórnik); Błażejewo (gm. Kórnik); Bolechowo (gm. Czerwonak); Bolechowo-Osiedle (gm. Czerwonak); Bolechówko (gm. Czerwonak); Borkowice (gm. Mosina); Brzezno (gm. Kaźmierz); Ceradz Dolny (gm. Duszniki); Ceradz Kościelny (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Chludowo (gm. Suchy Las); Chomęcice (gm. Komorniki); Dąbrowa (gm. Dopiewo); Dąbrówka (gm. Dopiewo); Dębogóra (gm. Czerwonak); Dopiewiec (gm. Dopiewo); Dopiewo (gm. Dopiewo); Drużyna (gm. Mosina); Dymaczewo Nowe (gm. Mosina); Dymaczewo Stare (gm. Mosina); Dziećmierowo (gm. Kórnik); Głuchowo (gm. Komorniki); Golęczewo (gm. Suchy Las); Gołuski (gm. Dopiewo); Góra (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Grzebienisko (gm. Duszniki); Jankowice (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Karłowice (gm. Swarzędz); Kaźmierz (gm. Kaźmierz); Kliny (gm. Czerwonak); Kokoszczyn (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Konarzewo (gm. Dopiewo); Kórnik (gm. Kórnik); Krosinko (gm. Mosina); Krosno (gm. Mosina); Ludwikowo (gm. Mosina); Lisówki (gm. Dopiewo); Lusowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Lusówko (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Mielno (gm. Czerwonak); Miękowo (gm. Czerwonak); Mosina (gm. Mosina); Murowana Goślina (gm. Murowana Goślina); Otowo (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Owińska (gm. Czerwonak); Palędzie (gm. Dopiewo); Potasze (gm. Czerwonak); Promnice (gm. Czerwonak); Prusinowo (gm. Kórnik); Przebędowo (gm. Murowana Goślina); Przecław (gm. Szamotuły); Puszczykowo (miasto Puszczykowo); Rosnowo (gm. Komorniki); Rosnówko (gm. Komorniki); Rumianek (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Sady (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Sierosław (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Skrzynki (gm. Kórnik); Szczodrzykowo (gm. Kórnik); Szlachęcin (gm. Czerwonak); Szreniawa (gm. Komorniki); Tarnowo Podgórne (gm. Tarnowo Podgórne); Trzaskowo (gm. Czerwonak); Tuczno (gm. Pobiedziska); Walerianowo (gm. Komorniki); Wierzonka (gm. Swarzędz); Zakrzewo (gm. Dopiewo); Zielątkowo (gm. Suchy Las).
  • Zone D - covering areas of the following towns and villages: Jeziory Małe (gm. Zaniemyśl); Jeziory Wielkie (gm. Zaniemyśl); Łękno (gm. Zaniemyśl); Zaniemyśl (gm. Zaniemyśl).

The map below shows the district of Poznań; the tariff zones (colors: A - green, B - red, C - yellow, D - blue) and towns crossed by the bus lines organized by ZTM are marked.

Zones are important only for passengers using long-term tickets. When we use: tPurse, singe-ride tickets, time-limit tickets or short-limit tickets - tariff zones do not apply.

Passengers who travel only within the city of Poznań can use tickets for zone A only.

For trips covering zones A and B, for example from Koziegłowy to Poznań (lines no 320, 321, 322, 323), Swarzędz to Poznań (line no 55), Luboń to Poznań (lines no 601, 602, 603, 610, 611, 614, 616, 651) or Czapury to Poznań (line no 527), should have tickets for zones A+B.

For the trips from zone A to zone C or D, for example from Poznań to Puszczykowo or Poznań to Zaniemyśl, tickets for zones A+B+C oraz A+B+C+D are required.

Fare evasion

Anyone caught in ZTM transportion system without a valid ticket must pay a additional fare 280 zl (standard price). If the additional fare is paid instantly to ticket inspector or within 7 days at ZTM Customer Service Point the price is reduced to 140 zl.

Poznań Public Bike System

A popular transport solution is Poznań City Bike, which offers over 100 locations across Poznań. Using the bicycles for up to 20 minutes is free and the fee for the time between 20 and 60 minutes amounts to PLN 2. To be able to use the bikes you must register online first.

More details: Poznan Public Bike System 

Terms of Service in Poznan Public Bike System

city bike logo